Best of wedding favors ideas

Wedding is an affair of love and relationship which also needs a lot of planning and arrangement. This day is priceless for the two people who join each other for life through their wedding affair. It is their declaration to the entire world that they have tied the knot to become one entity. The importance of wedding is priceless and so is the arrangement that goes behind preparing for the perfect ceremony. From the invitations to the wedding theme to the food to the bride’s and groom’s dresses, everything if planned and thought about in detail and make up for that perfect dream wedding. One definitely can’t miss on the wedding favors which need to be given out to the guests as a gesture of gratitude from the bride and the groom. One can go in for either ready to buy wedding favors available in the market or could go in for that personal touch by creating the favors themselves. For this all one needs is a little hard work and some unique wedding favors ideas.


Ready to buy wedding favors

One can get some brilliant wedding favor ideas from various shops and online stores that specialize in this field. If one is hiring a wedding planner for the special affair, then landing on some great wedding favors ideas is all the more easy. There is a huge variety of wedding favors available which one can choose according to the factors that matter to the host. These include the theme of the wedding and the budget one has and other such factors. One can get lot of ideas for wedding favors such as photo frames, mint boxes, cookies packs, funky shopping bags, keepsake boxes, prayer or thank you cards, exclusive chocolates, chain and pendants, flower vases, crystal show pieces, cutlery sets, bowls and others. The list is endless as the price range is also endless. One must decide first on the expenditure that seems viable for the wedding favors. Once that is decided, one can easily settle on the most appropriate wedding favor. Also, one can go in for customized wedding favors which are one of the hot wedding favors ideas these days. This might be a little expensive but it gives a special feel and appeal to the favors given out to the guests.

Handmade wedding favors

If one has ample time at hand before the wedding then going in for making the invitations and the favors on one’s own is a pretty unique idea. One must decide on a fuss free wedding favor so that they are easy to make as one will have to make them in bulk. One can go in for hand embroidered handkerchiefs or small sketches if one has acumen for art. Other wedding favors ideas include making small baskets of cookies or cakes at home or going in for self decorated keepsake boxes. One can gather more ideas by a little brain storming and asking for some ideas from friends.

Unique wedding favors ideas

The wedding favors ideas are something that one must lay a lot of emphasis on as it is an important part when planning for your wedding. Your wedding day is going to be a memorable one for you, with the wedding favors ideas you can make it a memorable one for the guests that you invite as well. A favor which will always make the guests remember you and your special day would be a great idea. There are several amazing and rare ideas that you can employ to get your wedding favors in place. The wedding favors ideas must be unique and something that will be highly appreciated, common favors are no longer a big deal.


Uncommon wedding favors ideas


Not only children but even the elder people will love this idea of a wedding favor. Purchase the candies in the bulk quantity of different colors. Bulk purchases help you save a lot of money. Purchase some decorative net pieces or tiny fancy boxes to place these candies in. The boxes and the net too can be purchased in bulk so as to save on cost since weddings are normally a very costly affair.  Decorate the boxes in any way that you desire to make it look highly appealing.


Who doesn’t like chocolates? Thus, chocolates are the best wedding favors ideas that any couple can settle for. Chocolate in its natural form or chocolates coating almonds and raisins etc. can be used. However, the popular forms of chocolates like Hershey’s hugs and kisses or the M&M chocolates too can be used as favors. Similar to candies, you can pack them up nicely in decorative boxes or give the readymade box itself with a decorative note over it, a note of appreciation, thanking the guests for being a part of your wedding.


This is definitely a very rare wedding favor idea. You can pack some delicious cookies in attractive packages. The best part about opting for cookies is that you can even bake them yourself or hire someone to do the same for you. This way, the cookies as a wedding favor, will bring in a lot of appreciation considering the efforts that go in to making so many batches of them. If you do not want to make it yourself then you can also purchase the readymade cookies and decorate the packing as per your wish.


Cupcakes too are a very rare wedding favor idea. Having it personally decorated makes it all the rarer. They can be in the shape of your real wedding cake, of course in a miniature version of it. The icing over it too can be exactly as your real wedding cake. The receiver of this cupcake would be delighted and would never forget this unique wedding favor idea.

Thus, with a little creativity, a lot of unique ideas suffice. Your wedding day is indeed the most special day of your life, thus coming up with rare wedding favors ideas is something that must follow.